Teams are like brothers and sister when you're out there playing. The bond you have between players and coaches really makes a team stand out from others. We provide team and individual shoots. The team photo can be taken so that you can use to create a banner or you can choose a location to better suit the team. During the session we will take individual pictures, usually more dynamic to show how powerful your team really is. It's not all about the smiles and laughter, but more the attitude and effort you bring that really stand out from the others. Every sport has their main events, whether it's an All-Stars tournament, recreational games, or championships. With these event you bring in a lot of different individuals, parents, players, and coaches. We will set up a booth for your event, take pictures throughout the event, and capture many precious moments. At the end of the event we will donate a portion of our sales to your league.

(Company Startup first year discount offered Until June 25, 2023)

(Does not stack with any other discount)

Team photo shoot: $150.00 ($120.00)

(NOTE: Price will be waived for banner pictures if our logo is put on the banner as a sponsor)

Hours: One - Two (depending on team size)

Team Photo: The team photo will be taken first. This photo will be taken with a backdrop and can be used in a banner for your team, or we can take the photo in retrospect to your sport.

Individual Photos: We will take multiple individual photos for the team. This will include different stances and stances that may be unique to a players position in their sport. Photos will be taken to show the strength of your team and make them stand out from the rest. All individual photos taken will be available to purchase on your teams personal link.

(For a banner team photo, CareBlair Photography will cut out the backdrop in fine detail to provide the best quality of your team. The cutout will be emailed to your team manager to send to their preferred banner company .)

(A specific stance can be requested during the individual shoots from a player or parent.)

Day booth rental: $50.00

The $50.00 fee will give your league 6 free downloads from our action shot gallery for every day needed. Actions shots will be taken throughout the tournament to capture those intense moments during the games. We will capture  multiple candid photos of the event free to download. The photos will be uploaded throughout the event, so people can see their players in almost real time. All sales of action shots or booth pictures will be totaled up 1 for up to 1 week after the event. CareBlair Photography will donate 10% of total sales from the event to the league.                              

(Note: 10% increase in donations for first year promotion applies to total for a total of 20%)

Prices and packages subject to change at any time during our first year.

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